This site primarily consists of one musician's collection of gear.
It is not my intent to try and complete with any full production studio. It's a studio that my friends and I use to make our music.

I repairs in my spare time on my timeline. As a personal rule I don't work on any instrument I can't afford to replace, and I will not undertake any project I'm not sure I can handle. My goal is to keep vintage gear in use and out of the scrap heap by providing affordable repair and assistance to musicians who other wise wouldn't be able to afford it.

In addition to repairs I also build a lot of original equipment under the "Hewitt's Garage Studio" name. These are personal works built in my garage for myself, friends, and select clients. Sometimes the sale of some of these builds fund new projects and acquisitions.

Plain and simple this is my hobby and I do this because I enjoy it.

If you have a question I can answer, a project I can help with, or are selling something you think I would be interested in let me know.

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