Here is where I document and catalog all of my repair work. While I try my best to fully document every repair job, but sometimes I get caught up in the repair process. In the end the primary goal is still achieved, keeping vintage gear in circulation. If you have a question you think I can help with or if you're in the DFW area and you think I can help drop me a line.

Repair Work

Instrument Repairs
Amplifier Repairs
Microphone Repairs
Recorder Repairs
Effect and Miscellaneous Repairs


Aaron Stowe
Alberto Rodriguez
Andy Miller
Arron Terry
Bret Bolton
Chad Walls
Colin Arnold
Curtis Heath
Dave P
Drew Orozco
Gary Kelly
Hayden Miller
Hoyt Coffey
Isaac Villarreal
Jake Rothschild
James Talambas
Jamie Vahala
Jamie Valhala
Jeff Aurand
Jeff Helland
Jeremy Smith
Jesse Brakefield
Josh Meeks
Kevin Howard
Kevin Pope
Kip Carroll
Kyle Rogers
Lance Yocom
Lawrence Lusty
Llandon Klein
Mathew Bridgman
Mikah Peterson
Mike Byrd
Nathan Brown
Nicholas Maske
Phillip Brown
Preston Newberry
Ramy Antoun
Rene Orth
Richard Reed
Richard Scott
Robby Rux
Rudy Kleimann
Sean French
Shake Rag Music
Steffin Ratliff
Terry Barrington
Terry Flood
William Lowery

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