77-79 Unknown Les Paul Copy

375$ to purchase.

Year: 77-79
Brand: Unknown
Model: Les Paul Copy
Class: Guitar
Scale: 24.75
Owner: Jeff Hewitt
Status: In Studio.

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Phillip and myself found a couple of Les Paul copies at a pawn shop, this is what I did with mine. This guitar was in bad shape, poor finish, missing binding, bad wiring, flaking chrome.


I after getting it home and pulling the strings, the frets were way worse than I had thought. Tons of wear, pulling from the fret board, and the zero fret was worn down. First I went after the binding with some I had stripped from an old neck.


Next on the list was the finish. It was in bad enough shape I used a heavy wax and the buffer on it. It really helped alot. The existing pickups were 2 lead humbuckers, and working. The pickups measured 8.6kΩ and 8.9kΩ. Phillip wasn't going to use the only working pickup in his, a hot Seymour Duncan Invader (16kΩ). So I decided a 3 pickup setup would be cool.

I pulled the poles and put a chrome cover on it and the Duncan became the middle pickup. The routing for the middle pickup was fairly easy.
I wanted to keep things cheap, but I love the look of a bigsby on a paul. Phillip pulled an old gold plated bigsby copy from the parts bin to check the look.

It was in bad shape, I had pulled it from my Silvertone because it looked so bad.


I decided it's trash, so lets go to town. I took it to the wire wheel and stripped the finish. Once the gold was gone I went after it with the buffing wheel and some metal polishing compound. It looked perfect for this guitar by the time I was finished.


I went ahead and ordered the new parts I wanted; aged speed knobs, knob indicators, and 3 push pull pots. I wired the center pickup coil-taped (single coil) since it was so hot, pull for the humbucker. The other I wired as pull for coil-taps on the neck and bridge. The last one puts the neck and bridge in series.

Instead of the standard pickup selector I used a rotary pickup selector. (6 way) The old pickup selector switch was modified to center off and wired as a tone switch (Thank you Chet).


The only bad part of this guitar is that someone glued the neck in. So there is no adjusting the neck angle, it's really not to bad. I checked and pressed the loose frets back in place, then I pulled the zero fret. I was able to replace the zero fret, level it, and set up the guitar. The original Japanese pots dated to 1977 so I'd guess the age as 77-79. This guitar is heavy, the body and neck weighed in at 12lbs without hardware.


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