2003 Hewitt's Garage Bassjo
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Year: 2003
Brand: Hewitt's Garage
Model: Bassjo
Class: Banjo
Scale: 30
Owner: Jeff Hewitt
Status: In Studio.

DSC00773-640 DSC00774-640 DSC00776-640 DSC00782-640 DSC00784-640 DSC00775-640

Wanting a more sturdy version for my own use, I set to work building a second bassjo. This time I used a 2x2 Short scale kay neck I had from a previous project. It's very similar to the original design, but upgraded. Two stabilizing rods were used instead of one, The neck bracket was made entirely out of metal. The pickup of choice was "Bartolini", also fitted with a Peizo Acoustic pickup. The placement of controls on the original bassjo cause issues during play, So I relocated the knobs to the inside of the POT. I had actually agreed to sell this Bassjo to a friend upon completion, but that changed shortly after.

les with banjo In 2003 I was lucky enough to meet Les Claypool. Not wanting to pass up such an opportunity, the bassjo was presented with the request he sign the monster. His management said it was no problem, and Les went to town on it for a while then disappeared to his dressing room with the bassjo. As I understand every member of Primus tore it up, they all signed it and returned it to me after the show. Who knows what goes on with Bassjo's and Primus behind closed doors.

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