Alesis Data Disk

20$ to purchase.

Brand: Alesis
Model: Data Disk
Class: rack
Owner: Jeff Hewitt
Status: In Studio.

DSC08612-640 DSC08608-640 DSC08614-640 DSC08620-640

This rack-mountable Alesis Datadisk uses a 3.5" Floppy disc system(dbl-sided/dbl-density) with 800KB memory capability per disc. Although the total size of data can't exceed disc size, it is capable of up to 53 separate data files. With direct read and write to disc without a large RAM buffer, it is very speedy and works in real time. It's applications include any conceivable MIDI file use plus it can be used for SYS(tem)EX(clusive) files for synth, drum machines and other applications. It has a large, backlit LCD display and although is very powerful, it is quite easy to use with front button functions such as scroll, name, send, receive, delete, MIDI, backup and format. Back panel has MIDI in & out jacks and AC input.

Unfortunately the power supply was not with the unit, but they are available.

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